Amann Rasant Polyester Cotton Thread


Price per 1000m spool.

Amann Rasant Polyester Cotton Thread.
Colour is 4000 (Black) with a matt finish, hyped for its hygroscopic properties.

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Amann Rasant Polyester Cotton Thread

Rasant is a high performing polyester/cotton core spun thread.

Popular in the MYOG community, some makers really prefer this style of thread for trouble free sewing.

Select the stronger Rasant 75 as an excellent all-round thread for closing seams and top stitching. Size is Tex 40, 1000m spool. Rasant recommend a 90 or 100 size needle for this thread.

The finer Rasant 120 has outstanding sewability in finer fabrics. Do not attempt a quilt in anything else! 70 or 80 size needle is recommended for this thread. Size is Tex 24, 1000m spool. 

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Rasant 75, Rasant 120

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